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 To register for:

1) Saturday, February 10th in Venice, Train Your Brain, Transform Your Life – A Workshop of Self-Empowerment Based on the Principles of Holotropic Breathwork, CLICK HERE  Early Reg cost for this event is $149. This module will train you in how to use the principles of breathwork and the latest advances in the science of perception and memory on a daily basis in your life to consciously create the life that you want for yourself.  At the completion of this workshop, you will  have the tools to transform your life into one of creation, joy and self-empowerment in a systematic way on a day-to-day basis if you are willing to do the necessary work.

2) Saturday, April 14th, 2017 All Day Holotropic Breathwork Workshop in Topanga Canyon, GLobal Breathwork Day:  The cost for this event is  $249 until March 17th, then $274 after that if there is space available.  See below to register:


There are a few work exchange spots open on a first come first served basis at a reduced registration cost.  Work exchange would entail coming 90 minutes early to help set up and staying after the event to help clean up.     There are a very limited number of work exchange positions available for each workshop and they are generally filled within a few days of when I announce the workshop date, so please apply immediately if you are interested by Emailing Michael

There are three steps to register for a Holotropic Breathwork LA Workshop.  See Notes at bottom of page for additional information regarding signing up on our e-mail list and our refund policy..

Step 1 – Potential Medical Contraindications for Stan Grof’s Holotropic Breathwork

Before you register, please read the list of potential medical contraindications below. If any of these are issues for you, you must speak with a facilitator before you register, either by Emailing Michael. or by calling 310-399-9992.

Cardiovascular Disease, including Heart Attacks
Severe Hypertension
Glaucoma or Retinal Detachment
Recent Surgeries
Recent Serious Physical Injuries
Recent Infectious/Communicable Diseases
Asthma (if you have asthma, you must bring your inhaler to the workshop)
Psychiatric Hospitalization or Prior Diagnosis by a Healthcare Professional of Schizophrenia or Bipolar Disorder (please call me to discuss prior to registering)

Use of Coumadin or other prescription blood thinning medications

Any medical condition that could be adversely impacted or aggravated through deeper, faster breathing.

Step 2 – Please note the following.

First-time attendees only: We require that a) you watch an introductory videos that is a total of approximately 45 minutes long.  We will send you the link to this video about two weeks prior to the workshop and b) that you participate in a group conference call the week before the workshop  where you will have a chance to have any questions answered regarding the info in the videos, logistics of the event, or any concerns that you might have at that time.   Both of these items are requirements to attend the workshop.

Step 3 – Pay Online with Paypal below by filling in your phone number and e-mail below and clicking on “Buy Now“.

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1. Click here to sign up for our email list to be notified of future Holotropic Breathwork workshop date

2. If you have any questions regarding registration, please Email Michael.

3. To see our refund/cancellation policy, Click Here.